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For my senior thesis in the Design + Digital Media major at the Laguna College of Art + Design, I created a concept for a new platform for social activism.

With background and my love for social action, I noticed that social media brought light to a lot of issues in the world but its fast pace allowed us to share viral videos and hashtags campaigns and move on.

I wanted movements and causes of all kinds and sizes to have a place to live on the web that wasn’t a fleeting moment on a Facebook news feed.


[Revolutions] result from accumulations of dozens, even hundreds of moments... that make possible the ruptures that emerge when vast numbers of people begin to imagine, and then to demand, an alternative to their living conditions.

Gather is an online community that inspires young people to get involved in causes they care about. Users can see what events are happening around the country, learn about the goals of protests, contact their local representatives, or search for causes by topic. The intention of this project is to improve the efficacy of social media activism for the Millennial generation.


Gather will not only educate, but inspire young people to actively participate in creating change in the world, while giving them the tools to do so.


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AIGA Orange County Design Award Winner: Student Award for Web Design


Laguna College of Art + Design
Senior Portfolio 2
Advisors Dana Herkelrath, Catharin Eure, Dan Jensen