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Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Nike+


Apple Watch Nike+ is the latest in a long-running partnership between two of the world’s most innovative brands. It’s your perfect running partner — on your wrist.

Client: Nike
Produced in collaboration with R/GA + Nike
Skills Used: Visual/UI Design, Motion Graphics
Creative Direction: Ben Williams
Design Direction: Masa Tanaka
Experience Design: Gene Lu

For the love of running.

I had the incredible experience of being a visual/UI designer on the core team that designed and developed the Nike Run Club app for the Apple Watch Nike+. I worked closely with stakeholders and an incredible team of creative directors, experience designers, and developers to bring the NRC app to your wrist.

We created a simple, motivating, and connected experience to help all runners answer the question, "Are we running today?"


Running is hard. Running alone is even harder.

The Apple Watch Nike+ motivates you to hit the pavement with frequent push notifications personalized to your goals, the weather, and your Nike+ friends. Did Ben just run 2 miles past you on the leaderboard? Time to lace up and catch him! Surprise notifications for holidays also keep the experience fun and unexpected.


The big debut

After much anticipation, the NRC watch app launched in the App Store, the Apple Watch Nike+ launched at the Apple keynote in front of a global audience and then rolled out into retail stores across the world. Kevin Hart is a fan too!

"Nike+ Run Club presents the best user interface design of all the apps I tested. It’s stylish and very clear, even when you’re on the move." - Cult of Mac

Watch the sizzle reel here.